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Copper Mountain Technologies Cobalt C1209


Copper Mountain Technologies Cobalt C1209

Measured parameters
S11, S21, S12,S22 and absolute power of the reference and received signals at the port.
Number of measurement channels
Up to 16 independent logical channels: each logical channel is represented on the screen as an individual channel window. A logical channel is defined by such stimulus signal settings as frequency range, number of test points, or power level.
Data traces
Up to 16 data traces can be displayed in each channel window. A data trace represents one of such parameters of the DUT as S-parameters, response in time domain, input power response.
Memory traces
Each of the 16 data traces can be saved into memory for further  comparison with the current values.
Data display formats
Logarithmic magnitude, linear magnitude, phase, expanded phase, group delay, SWR, real part, imaginary part, Smith chart diagram and polar diagram display formats are available.
Dynamic range and speed
Cobalt’s combination of a wide dynamic range and high measurement speed make it an ideal VNA for measuring and tuning high performance filters.

BTS filter tuning

Cobalt VNAs have more than 162 dB dynamic range at 1 Hz IFBW, which allows them to maintain a wide measurement range at a high  measurement speeds.

Measurement of all S-parameters of a BTS filter with full two-port  calibration and 801 measurements points with 1 MHz IFBW takes only 17.5ms while maintaining a measurement range of over 100 dB. This time is almost completely determined by the IFBW of the VNA. This measurement speed allows for real time tuning of high isolation BTS filters.

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